GR8 KIDS what is it?

Indications GR8 KIDS

GR8 KIDS is a natural 100% nutritional cell vitamin mixture. GR8 KIDS can be used regularly and safely by children of all ages for a healthy diet, proper development, and for preventive purposes. Unfortunately, many young children suffer from various health problems that need to be detected and eliminated in time at the initial stage. After all, a small non-serious problem can later develop into a serious serious chronic illness. Not cured in time, a running disease can further harm the healthy development of the baby.

Signs of problems in children

  • Digestive problems in the baby
  • Systematic Indigestion
  • Pain and pain in the abdomen of the baby
  • Frequent constipation in children.
  • Low immunity
  • Frequent colds
  • Infectious viral diseases
  • Poor appetite
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Tendency to allergic reactions to odors and plants.
  • Allergy to certain fruits and vegetables, other foods.
  • Inattention and distraction.
  • Aggressiveness and irritability in the behavior of a child.
  • Development problems and indifference.
  • Psychological problems in the behavior of the baby.
  • Sleep problems in a child.
  • Problems with remembering and perceiving material.
  • Lack of healthy interest in the world.
  • Hyperactivity in the behavior of the baby.
  • Constant increased drowsiness.

All of the above signs indicate that the child has problems that need to be urgently addressed. GR8 KIDS thanks to its innovative composition thanks to the ingredients included in it will surely solve all the problems of your child at any age. In some children, improvements are evident from the first weeks of taking GR8 KIDS. Children taking a product for two, three, four months correct many health problems. As a result children recover completely bringing joy and happiness to their parents.

 GR8 KIDS will solve children’s health problems


Quickest and most delicious way to eat your fruits & veggies!

Power Nutrition for All Ages!

B-Epic GR8 KIDS is great for everyone…kids and adults! Zero sugar, zero calories, and packed with nutrients in convenient straight-to-mouth stick packs, it’s perfect for a daily supplement, healthy snack, or micro nutrition. Plus, it’s an easy, fun way to introduce and sustain healthy nutritional habits.

Power up your work, study, sports, and play with nutritious, delicious GR8 KIDS! Bursting with fruity flavor and loaded with vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s the ultimate super food for all ages. It provides all the health benefits of fruits and veggies without all the sugar.

B-Epic GR8 KIDS is nutritionally dense and has a high uptake into the body. Each stick pack contains 4.5 servings worth of 100% natural, bioavailable whole food phytonutrients and is fortified with trace minerals.

Great for Kids and Adults:

  • Delicious and Nutritious; 0 Sugar and 0 Calories
  • Packed with All-Natural, Bioavailable Vitamins and Minerals
  • 100% Natural Whole Food Fruit and Vegetable Blend
  • Convenient Straight-To-Mouth Sticks (no water needed)
  • Two Great Flavors: Fruity Blast and Rockin’ Raspberry


Pour contents of one stick pack directly into mouth. No water needed but can be mixed in water for a great-tasting, healthy drink. Take one serving (one stick pack) once daily on an empty stomach. Store in a cool, dry place.

100% Natural, Bioavailable Phytonutrients

Power up your work, study, sports, and play with nutritious, delicious GR8 KIDS!

Every stick of B-Epic GR8 KIDS contains the natural plant derived vitamins (phytonutrients) of 4.5 servings of whole food fruits and vegetables. Because our bodies have evolved to utilize this form of vitamins, they are highly bioavailable to our bodies and our bodies can use them with high efficiency.

The difference in nutrients from whole foods versus synthetic vitamins is night and day. Whole food derived vitamins are in their complete form and are much more bioavailable and usable by the body.

A good example is Vitamin C. Most Vitamin C supplements contain only Ascorbic Acid or a less acidic version called Ascorbate. But Ascorbic Acid is NOT Vitamin C. It only represents the outer ring that serves as a protective shell for the entire Vitamin C complex. Real Vitamin C found in whole foods also contains Bioflavonoids, Rutin, Factor K, Factor J, Factor P, Tyrosinase, Ascorbinogen, as well as Ascorbic Acid.

When you take only Ascorbic Acid found in synthetic Vitamin C tablets or powders, your body must extract all the other components of the full Vitamin C complex from the body’s tissues in order to make use of it. But if your body does not have adequate reserves of the other components, Ascorbic Acid itself does not provide any of the health benefits that the full Vitamin C complex does; so your body just eliminates the unused Ascorbic Acid through your urine.

The Whole Food Nutrient Blend in B-Epic GR8 KIDS captures the complex nutrients and phytonutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables. It is 100% natural and derived from whole food plants.

GR8 KIDS is nutritionally dense; has optimum bioavailability and biosorption; and has a high uptake into the body – making it a great, healthy supplement for the body to use. Plus, it is shelf stable and involved no chemicals, synthetics, or excipients in processing.