How to take GR8KIDS

How to take GR8 KIDS

Dosing GR8 KIDS

  • Prepare a glass of water at room temperature.
  • Open the GR8 KIDS main, large total pack of 30 sticks
  • Extract one paper bag – a stick with any of two tastes according to your individual desire.
  • Carefully open one paper stick of natural children’s vitamin
  • Pour the contents of a paper bag – stick GR8 KIDS into a glass with clean water.
  • Dissolve GR8 KIDS in a glass of water until completely dissolved.
  • Give your child a delicious, aromatic drink that resembles fruit juice.
  • Drink GR8 KIDS Natural Baby Vitamin Blend.

We recommend using environmentally friendly water.

You can use slightly warm water to dissolve GR8 KIDS

The second way to use the children’s product GR8 KIDS

Probably, it will suit older children at your own discretion. You can try the method for yourself and add an additional portion of health to your body. After opening the contents of one of the GR8 KIDS packaged paper sticks, carefully pour GR8 KIDS natural food powder vitamin mixture under the child’s tongue. Suction of the product with this use will be more effective. But it’s not suitable for everyone. The choice of how to use GR8 KIDS is always yours. We recommend that you try it for yourself and then, knowing the tastes of your child, choose the method of using the GR8 KIDS product. Also, the GR8 KIDS product contained in one sachet can be divided into several parts at will and consumed throughout the day. The choice is yours. For each child, the choice of method of use is individual. Moms of children often try the taste of the GR8 KIDS product themselves, then they choose their convenient method of using the natural GR8 KIDS food mixture. After all, the GR8 KIDS product is incredibly useful not only for children. GR8 KIDS drink with great pleasure children and adults, receiving natural health energy from nature itself.