Ingredients of GR8KIDS

Composition of Natural Vitamin GR8 KIDS

The composition of the GR8 KIDS product effectively helps, preserves, restores and strengthens children’s health. All the power of the GR8 KIDS product is hidden in the original composition.
The composition of GR8 KIDS that is its constituent ingredients GR8 KIDS, is specially selected by the scientists of the B-Epic laboratory to obtain the maximum effect and fulfill the main task of the GR8 KIDS product to preserve restore and strengthen children’s health.

GR8 KIDS Ingredients

  • 100% natural plant components
  • Without GMO and chemistry
  • Gluten free
  • Sugarless
  • No dyes
  • Without stabilizers
  • No chemical flavors
  • Without emulsifiers

Natural Whole Food Vitamins – Fruit Extracts

  • Strawberry
  • an Apple
  • blueberries
  • cherry
  • orange

Natural Whole Food Vitamins – Vegetable Extracts

  • carrot
  • a tomato
  • beet
  • spinach
  • broccoli
  • Natural cranberry extract
  • Natural Shiitakke Mushroom Extract.
  • Coconut milk
  • Natural Raspberry Flavor
  • Natural Flavor Mix Explosive Fruit
  • Natural Vitamin Complex
  • group A vitamins
  • group C vitamins
  • B vitamins
  • Group E vitamins
  • K1 vitamins
  • B1 vitamins
  • B2 vitamins
  • B3 vitamins
  • B5 vitamins
  • B6 vitamins
  • B7 vitamins
  • B12 vitamins

Vitamins GR8 KIDS benefit for childrenApples, which are part of GR8 KIDS, will improve the digestion process, carefully protect the baby from viruses and bacteria, increase the child’s appetite, and regulate intestinal motility. The apple that is part of GR8 KIDS helps improve your baby’s sleep. Apples can also suppress infections and viruses. Apples in the GR8 KIDS cell product are also additionally able to improve the growth of the baby’s teeth, and is recommended for children with bronchial asthma.
Blueberries, which are part of GR8 KIDS, are able, first of all, to safely protect your child from obesity, moreover, from a very young age. It is permissible to give blueberries to one-year-old children. Blueberries, improve the child’s vision, helps prevent myopia in children. The healing properties of blueberries have long been known. Blueberries are able to protect the baby from infectious diseases, various viral infections and pathogenic bacteria. Blueberries as part of GR8 KIDS will protect children of all ages from the harmful effects of radiation from modern technological innovations, from which it is sometimes difficult to tear off your favorite child. After all, everyone knows the harmful harmful effects of tablets, smartphones, laptops, monitors on the human body. Blueberries in GR8 KIDS effectively help with anemia. Blueberries as a part of the GR8 KIDS product contribute to the strengthening of mental and brain activity, the child’s ability to perceive information increases, which helps kids develop correctly, and schoolchildren perceive material faster and learn better.
The ingredient GR8 KIDS strawberries protects children from colds, also strawberries protect against inflammation, cleanse and improve blood composition. The strawberries included in B Epic GR8 KIDS will improve sleep, increase healthy appetite, and add the natural energy of your child’s body.
Cherry, which is part of GR8 KIDS, balances and improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, restoring the intestinal microflora, correcting problems with constipation. Cherry can suppress the development of harmful microbes in the child’s body, and cherries also have an antipyretic effect. The cherry ingredient in the GR8 KIDS cell product strengthens the bones of the child’s musculoskeletal system. Cherry in GR8 KIDS can protect against allergies, facilitate the flow of processes in diseases of the respiratory tract. Cherry also has anti-inflammatory and
anticonvulsant effects.
Orange is one of the ingredients of GR8 KIDS. Orange solves the problems of excess weight, improves immunity, protects against various viral infections, improves and strengthens the teeth and bones of the child. Orange helps to accelerate mental activity and is also a resuscitator of abrasions, scratches, wounds, accelerating their healing. Orange, like strawberries, is a source of natural healthy energy for the body of children.
Carrots – an ingredient that is part of the GR8 KIDS helps to improve vision in the children’s body. Carrot improves the appetite of the child, normalizes the digestive and circulatory processes. It is known that carrots strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves immunity, cleanses the skin and normalizes metabolic processes.
Broccoli, an ingredient in the GR8 KIDS product, has a beneficial effect on intestinal function, relieving constipation. Broccoli promotes the growth of musculoskeletal mass, strengthens the immune system, accelerates the healing process after infections. Broccoli improves sleep, also helps with allergies, obesity, bronchitis.
Spinach in the composition of GR8 KIDS prevents the development of diabetes in children, helps the proper development of the nervous system of children. Spinach is recommended by doctors for anemia, spinach increases the mental abilities of the child and strengthens the blood vessels of the circulatory system and bone. Spinach has a positive effect on the eyesight of a child at any age. It can be used from six months of age.
Tomato, tomato, another ingredient in the new child protection and health product GR8 KIDS. In addition to healthy natural energy, tomato substances strengthen the heart muscle, contribute to the fight against obesity, and strengthen the body’s immune system. Tomato has a beneficial effect on the mood of the child, because it contains the substance serotonin.
Coconut milk is able to defeat various fungal viral infections, regulates the child’s appetite, coconut milk improves the mood of the child and strengthens his immunity. Coconut milk improves mental activity and strengthens the musculoskeletal system during its development in a child.
Beets, which are part of GR8 KIDS, normalize digestion, recommended by doctors for anemia and iodine deficiency in the body of a child. Beetroot helps to remove helminths from the body of children and helps to reduce the normalization of well-being after stress.